Lifetime Warranty

We assure that every piece of jewelry we sell will undergo our thorough quality control process to meet our high level of desired quality. Prior to delivery, every piece gets inspected under 30x magnification to guarantee perfection and beauty. Our lifetime warranty, is a standard.


Every Piece Of Jewelry We Sell Is Manufactured Under The Highest Quality Control Standards And Is Carefully Inspected Prior To Shipment. Miro Jewelers Offers A Free Lifetime Warranty Policy Includes Free Cleaning And Inspection Of Jewelry.


In Order To Keep Your Warranty, Miro Jewelers Requires You To Bring The Piece In To Us For Inspection Every 6 Months. Miro Jewelers Will Provide Shipping One Way If You Are Out Of State. In The Unlikely Event There Is Ever A Problem With Your Ring, You Can Bring It Or Mail It To Our Store For Inspection. If The Problem Is Deemed To Be Caused By A Manufacturer Defect, We Will Make The Necessarily Repair Free Of Charge. If It Is Deemed The Problem Was Caused By Normal Wear And Tear, Then We Will Only Charge You Our Cost For Any Materials (Metal, Diamonds, Etc) Needed To Make The Repair.

Any Items That Display Damage Due To Abuse Or Misuse Will Not Be Covered Under The Warrantee. Work Performed On Miro Jewelers Jewelry By Anyone Other Than Us Will Void Any And All Warranties, Expressed Or Implied. Please Note That The Center Diamond In Any Engagement Is Not Included In Our Engagement Ring Warranty. Although Diamonds Are The Hardest Substance On Earth, It Is Still Possible To Break Or Chip A Diamond If Struck With Enough Force At The Right Angle. We Recommend All Our Customers Purchase An Insurance Policy On Their Ring Which Covers Loss/Breakage To The Center Diamond, As Well As Loss Or Theft Of The Ring As A Whole.